Farcoderm – Started in Europe since 2003, Farcoderm was a Wellness and Beauty testing services enterprise.
Its high quality know-how has focused on assessing safety, tolerability, sensory aspects, and efficacy of cosmetics, nutritional products, medical devices, cosmetotextiles, household products and in general all the products which may come in contact with the skin.

Farcos started its activities in 1994 in Garbagnate Milanese (northern nearby of Milan), as a Laboratory of Microbiology providing services for cosmetics and food.
Its expertise and professionalism have been immediately acknowledged by the customers who pushed Farcos to extend its offer, supporting it to acquire progressively the structure of a full service company.

The good results achieved by Farcos, Farcoderm over the years, have pushed us to create in 2014 the Complife Group, a global group composed by different subsidiaries in France, Spain, Switzerland and Czech Republic. In the near future new offices will be opened in Germany, China and USA.

Complife progressive improvement is witnessed either by the outputs of the Audits, which are regularly carried out by our customers and by multinational companies, either in official terms, as the ISO 9001 certification of our Quality Management System and the recognition as Testing Facility operating in GLP (Good Laboratory Practices – Dir 2004/9/EC and 2004/10/EC) by the Italian Ministry of Health.