Complife is a worldwide group, which provides consulting and testing services for food, food supplements, household products, cosmetotextiles, cosmetics and pharma companies.

Life sciences specialists and experts are the key drivers of the Complife Group performance: Farcoderm, Farcos – combining their wide-ranging technical expertise – help you in demonstrating the safety, tolerability and efficacy of your products, as well as their chemical and microbiological features.

We offer you a wide range of analysis and services in the field of microbiology, chemistry, product development, as well as in the regulatory sector, helping you to meet your end users’ expectations.

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What makes Complife different is the focus on every single customer.

We consider our customers’ needs and requests, solving their problems in a pro-active way: we gladly consider individual specifications and requirements, beyond what the customers expect, also opening up new perspectives for them. This happens thanks to a particular attention, which remains always constant, and to a service of consultancy, which allows us to better understand what our customers really want.

More than just a service supplier

Complife is your teammate