We aim to be your regulatory consultant relieving your efforts and ensuring your products compliance with regulations

Products launched to the market must obey to strict legislation. Regulatory compliance to local and global directives is a challenging matter for the worldwide industry and represents a considerable effort in terms of human resources and time to be spent. In certain instances, the same product may be diversely regulated depending on local provisions.

When it comes to your new product’s design and campaign, we have the privilege to support your Marketing staff from a regulatory and scientific point of view, in order to identify the most appropriate way to claim your product’s benefits. We can also provide suggestions and ideas on possible applicable claims.

Acting in close collaboration with your R&D Department, Complife regulatory and scientific team – being an active member of international associations and regulatory surveillance commissions – meets all the conditions to undertake your regulatory tasks and to drive your projects towards success.

Our regulatory staff offers you a total support for compliance with Regulation: from R&D of cosmetics, nutraceuticals and medical devices, through their production, distribution, up to market support.

In collaboration with your R&D and Marketing Departments, we will study the reference targets, carry out benchmark analysis, determine an effective way to promote your product and propose the most appropriate testing strategy to support and substantiate the communication of its claims. To help our customers to keep up with the Regulation, Complife provides a full range of regulatory assistance.

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