Quality control is carried out according to updated official methods (ISO, EU/US Pharmacopeia, CTFA, etc.). Microbiological stability, preservative system efficacy, minimal inhibitory concentration, biocides efficacy and microorganism identification are part of our support to Customer‘s R&D.
The Microbiology Laboratory constitutes the historical soul of FARCOS. Sixteen years long “training” in different business sectors has forged a qualified and flexible team that is now able to provide you a wide range of tests at high level of technical assistance.
More in particular, Complife Microbiology Laboratory performs research, identification and quantification of microbial contaminants: it is dedicated to the evaluation of preservative system, antibacterial efficacy tests and mutagenesis tests of your products.
In this way, Complife microbial testing services help you ensuring the safety of your products, meeting their quality specifications and regulatory compliance.
Challenge test, MIC, PAO Study
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Process control

Process environment and equipment control as a primary tool for risk assesment: production equipment and environment have to be managed and controlled to minimize risks of contamination. According to GMP, risk assessment should cover: air handing system special enviroments cleanliness and sanitary conditions Cleaning validations for equipments and production facilities Air and water quality monitoring…

Microbiological Quality control

Microbiological Quality control : Microbiological control is a relevant regulatory requirement to asses the safety of manufactured produtcs. Microbiological quality control is carried out according to updated official methods (ISO, EU/USP Pharmacopoeia, CTFA guidelines, etc, multinational guidelines) for ingredients, bulk, finished product, packaging components: Microbiological controls according to ISO standards Microbiological controls according to Eur…

Stability Studies

Stability of products: Chemical-physical stability microbiological stability ICH protocols lomg-term and accelerated shelf-life studies Complife Support Line+39 0382 25 504Tests & AnalysisEfficacy TestsSafety TestsChemical AnalysisMicrobiological Tests Markets Cosmetics Medical Devices Nutrition Get more info about this test Discover how your dedicated experts Dr. Maximilian Orlandi & Dr. Silvia Lancetti can support you CONTACT US

Genotoxicity and Mutagenicity

Genotoxicity and Mutagenicity: The evaluation of genotoxicity and mutagenicity represents an important step in the safety assessment of products and is used for their classification and labelling. Our testing services include: Bacterial reverse mutation test (Ames test) – OECD 471 Micronucleus test and Comet assay Complife Support Line+39 0382 25 504Tests & AnalysisEfficacy TestsSafety TestsChemical…